Monday, 5 November 2012

Candy coloured pastel sweetness!

Candy coloured pastel sweetness

Its Almost summer and the sugariness from soft serves have melted into spring fashion in 2012. . A deliciously yummy selection of ice-cream coloured fabrics like Melon, sherbet mint, candy floss pink, bubblegum blue , peach, creamy banana, buttery blueberry  have exploded onto runways worldwide. From shoes, clothing, even nails to hair dye! Pastels are popping up everywhere!

We are sweet tooth’s here at tweet tweet and have swallowed this trend whole! But for every girl this trend is going to mean something different.Balancing out the syrupy sweetness of powdered colours is dependent on your style;

Sweet and innocent girly girl
All pastels is a can do! You can easily get away with head to toe candy floss fun times. If you do want to tone it down creams, beige and light browns are a great choice to still have your pastels pop! But beware don’t wear anything too puffy, lacey  or go OTT on accessories you don’t want to look like a over decorated cupcake!

The stress free stylish:
One statement pastel item like a skirt, top or dress can be blended beautifully with earthy colours like stone greys, chocolate browns and deep blues. Remember to K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid!)  A similar colour pallet surrounding your powdered colour counterpoint simplistic yet stylish.

Night time pastel:
A little black dress with speckles of pastel is for you, accessories with pastel coloured bags, pumps, jewellery even a lippy!

This trend is about being soft and pretty, think fluffy sweet thoughts and own it. We know you will!
Lola x

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