Monday, 10 September 2012

Neon baby!

Its spring now honey bee’s! And with the sun coming out to play and the weather getting warmer it's time to re-evaluate the wardrobe and chuck out all of those dark depressing colours that remind us of winter, because this season its all about NEON’S BABY!

Depending on your style will differ on how you are going to rock this season look.

For the colour cautious:
If you are not big on colour, just simply add one off neon accessories to the mix, Belts, shoes, and jewellery will be your best bet.

For the “statement piece” look
Add neon to neutral colours; one item of neon clothing with tan, whites, stones and greys or just a neon lipstick to your regular outfit if you are feeling bold.

For the sophisticated
Blacks and Neon’s are complete opposites, but together create something special. Very effective for nightwear combining blacks and neons is an easy way of looking fab without over complicating it.

For the Bold
For those who are loud and proud don’t go neon OTT (it's hard not to I know!). Colour blocking is more for you! Mix and match neon pieces, but don’t go overboard! A simple rule is no more than 2 neon colours in one outfit, you are not a walking rave party!

The neon rule for skin types
Very dark/ brown: Pretty much ALL NEONS WILL LOOK AMAZE! (Lucky you!)
Tanned: Most neons, but stay away from Oranges and aggressive yellows
Medium:  Orange, Yellows, hot pinks, blues, purples, light greens
Light/pale: blues, Pinks, Yellows, dark blues, deep greens, Light pinks, Orange.

So go out there and have fun experimenting!
With all the love
Lola Tweet


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