Monday, 18 February 2013

Pink and Purple crazy

Pink and Purple crazy!

This summer’s hottest colours are you (guessed it!) pinks and purples!

Whether vivid,  pastel or just a splash these colours brighten up any outfit and complement most skin tones!

Purple: Greys, browns and creams  look fantastic with purple for night wear, But if you are after  a colour blocked look, try mixing a bright Violet with Aqua or Emerald.  Don’t Wear purple with red! They are too opposing and will make your outfit look too busy!

Pink: It can be a “sugary” colour, Try not to fluff your outfit up with too many cutsie  girly  accessories.

Friday, 23 November 2012


Print it on me!

Prints. We LOVE THEM! Why? Because a print can express what kind of person you are straight away (and isn’t that what fashion is about?) Loud, subtle, fun, bold or  cute, who ever and what ever you are do we have the print for  you!

Cute, summer fun fresh come to mind. Floral’s are always amazing with denim for a real 90’s look.

Animal Print
Sexy, wild, and adventurous. Teamed up with black you can make your print the statement piece for a night out.

Lovable, stylish, and easy for day wear. Bold without being over the top, stripes are for anyone who wants to get noticed.

Cartoon/pop art
Fun, indie, and cool. Match with a plain tee or pant. Let your print do the talking!

Earthy, chic, natural. Tribal prints are too amazing for words. Best matched with chunky jewellery

Grecian / Art Deco
Elegant, Bold, Chic. Be a goddess in Grecian / Art Deco print. Very versatile for a night transition from day. Be minimal with accessories. Big earrings are simply a must tho! 

Have fun playing with print chick-a-bees!
Lots of Love