Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tube Station

For those of you who were either not born in the 80's or are not old enough to remember it, let us tell you about the 'Tube Skirt' a fashion phenomena of the early 1980's. The tube skirt first appeared on the runway in 1982 in the Punkature Collection by Vivienne Westwood, but by 1983 a new pop sensation going by the name of Madonna made the tube skirt famous and not only did female singers and girl bands copy her style but the tube skirt became a staple in the every girl's wardrobe. The tube skirt is having a revival and we have a full range from sequins to aztec prints available at our online store

'Grace Jones' - $39.00

'Tijuana' - $35.00

'Heart of Glass' - $45.00

'She's a Bandit' - $39.00

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